Hopper Twitch

Sean Visintainer - 09/05/15

Floating Grass Hopper

Put some life into your bug.

The dead drift isn't always the right drift. Sometimes a little movement, or twitch, to your dry fly can go a long ways. In particular, adding a twitch to your hopper or chernobyl patterns can elicit more strikes on days that standard dead drifts aren't doing much. The twitch isn't the necessarily the "silver bullet", it's just another tool for your bag of tricks.

How much "twitch" is appropriate? Well... sometimes they like it rough... sometimes nice and easy. You catch my drift ;) In the video below the speed of the twitch is relatively fast. Sometimes that works great, sometimes a slower, less frequent twitch is all that is needed. Adding a slight twitch of the fly imitates the natural kicking movement of hopper legs, or in the case of chernobyl, can imitate the clumsy-ness of stoneflies on the water.

Even though hopper season is winding down, next time you are out on the water try adding a little movement to your hopper / chernobyl game... and see if you got the right moves.