Hoodoo Pass

Sean Visintainer - 06/25/20

Hoodoo Pass on the Idaho / Montana border taking anglers from Superior to the NF Clearwater / Kelly Creek.

Hoodoo Pass

This is a few days old now but... last weekend we attempted to drive over Hoodoo Pass to the NF Clearwater / Kelly Creek. As of Saturday 6/20 there was too much snow to get over the pass still. On the drive down we did pass the bulldozer that was headed up to plow the drift.

We just received a report today that the pass has been cleared and you can access the rivers from Superior, MT. Currently the Black Canyon is not accessible for trailers.

Give it a shot if you are looking to explore some fresh water!

Hoodoo Pass conditions from 6/20/20 have since improved and the pass is now open. Photos taken 6/20/20.