Guides Day Off - St. Joe River

Sean Visintainer - 06/06/19

Greg Gatti, St. Joe River Guide, and Bo Brand admire a beautiful cutthroat.

A guide's view

When our guides have some free time we try to sneak out on the water with them. Fly fishing guide's get to take people fishing all the time, but that doesn't mean they're fishing so we love to see them make some cast, hook some fish, and even get rowed around for a bit. A reminder of what it's like to be in the anglers seat. It's in the guide's nature though to want to still guide even when fishing with buddies, but that's okay, that's why they are good guys. We do our best to not let them guide when we take them out.

Bo and I got one of our Idaho guide's out yesterday on the St. Joe River for a short float. Greg has been guiding for ROW Outfitters our Idaho partner the past few years and it's great to see him work the oars and point out the nuances of the river he knows well. While Bo and I have fished the St. Joe and surrounding rivers for many years (over two decades actually) it's fun to see rivers through different eyes. A different perspective can lead to different results and everyone of us can always learn something new. Whether it's a new spot, new fly, new technique, or new insight, it's always refreshing.

I haven't guided in years, probably five years now I'm guessing. It was just too many hats to wear when running a business. There were certainly some fun times on the water, but I hung that up awhile ago to make sure the Silver Bow continues to move forward. My motto nowadays is... if you don't row... you don't go!

We have some great guides on the team and they love to row. Give us a call if you want to hit the water with them. You just never know, you may learn something new!

Greg Gatti - North Idaho Fly Fishing Guide Greg Gatti

Greg's love of fly fishing started in the late 90's and eventually lead him to his current position as lead guide with ROW Outfitters. Having a passion for rowing guests into fish keeps Greg's enthusiasm high as he often finds himself eagerly rowing friends around on his days off in hopes of getting them into great action. During the main fishing seasons Greg loves to hunt for big fish on streamers just as equally as summertime hopper / dropper fishing on favorite rivers like the St. Joe and Clark Fork. However, when the trout season winds down he can be found in the woods with a bow in search of elk and other big game critters. Greg's dream fishing trip would take him far north to Saskatchewan for apex predator trophy pike and the John Day for an epic smallmouth trip.

St. Joe River Guide Greg Gatti makes some cast to rising cutthroat trout in Idaho.
A typical St. Joe River cutthroat that can be found on guided trips with Idaho fly fishing guide Greg Gatti.
Guided St. Joe River Fly Fishing Trips can be booked at Silver Bow Fly Shop in partnership with ROW Adventures.
A beautiful St. Joe River cutthroat with fly fishing guide Greg Gatti.

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