Grande Ronde Steelhead Update - October 2017

Sean Visintainer - 10/18/17

Silver Bow guide Bjorn Ostby with a beautiful Grande Ronde Steelhead.

Bo knows, Bo goes

For one of the worst steelhead runs in a long time, the fishing sure doesn't reflect it. Low counts had anglers singing the blues but really the month of October's catch rates haven't been too shabby. Don't kid yourself low returns are a sucky thing and it would be great to have banner years every year, but that's a bigger issue than what this post is about. Bo Brand was recently down on the Grande Ronde with one of our annual group trips that we guide. We loaned him a camera to document the trip and were stoked to see some very nice photos that he took. Looks like Mike's photography skills are rubbing off on the crew!

Enjoy some Grande Ronde steelhead photos by shop guide manager Bo Brand...

Grande Ronde Steelhead Fishing.

Underwater Steelhead

Grande Ronde River, Washington State.




Steelhead Guide Britten Jay.

Steelhead Guide Kelby Braun.

Steelhead Fishing on the Grande Ronde

Steelhead Fishing Group outing.