G.Loomis IMX-Pro Review

Sean Visintainer - 11/14/17

Deschutes River Oregon


Sometimes fly rods are just plain fishy. The New G.Loomis IMX-PRO falls into this category. So what does that mean? Well for one the IMX-PRO was based on a purpose driven design as Tom Larimer G.Loomis Fly Fishing Manager and co-designer of the new rod series puts it. Modern fly fishing tactics are anything from large foam dries (aka chubby chernobyls) with droppers, double indicator rigs, articulated streamers, or even long fine leaders with small techy flies for finicky fish. All of these scenarios demand a lot out of a fly rod. With input from top fly fishing guides and professionals, Tom and Steve Rajeff set out to design the IMX-PRO fly rods around these exact situations.

With new Conduit Core technology and Multi Taper design graphite wraps have been replaced with new material to reduce weight and increase strength in all the right places. Positive taper actions which lend themselves to power when needed and finesse when desired. There is a rod in the IMX-PRO line-up for every situation.

G. Loomis IMX Pro Fly Rod

IMX-PRO Breakdown + Descriptions

IMX-PRO 486-4 - In the world of dry fly fishing there's always a time and place for moderate action rods, however, large tailwaters and freestones can dole up some serious adverse conditions. A little more line speed goes a long way when the fly must turn over to make the shot and the breeze is ramping up. The G. Loomis IMX-PRO 486-4 strikes that perfect balance of power for those long technical shots in the wind with enough finesse to protect delicate tippets and tiny dry flies. Headhunters: this rod is for you.

IMX-PRO 590-4 - The 590-4 is the Swiss Army Knife of the G. Loomis IMX-PRO family. This powerful taper can punch cast-killing foam dries or indi rigs through a stiff headwind, but won’t disappoint when you need to down-shift to the dry fly game. In a pinch, it can handle light duty streamer work. Our chief rod designer Steve Rajeff earned his keep on this one.

IMX-PRO 5100-4 - Casting and fishing indicator rigs requires a rod with enough tip power to lift, roll cast and mend well. It must handle a double rubber leg setup, but still possess enough grace to effectively fish light tippets and small flies. The IMX-PRO 5100-4 answers the demands of the modern nymph angler. It also happens to double as a fantastic lake rod when you decide to take the float tube over the drift boat on your next fishing adventure.

IMX-PRO 690-4 - The "Chub/Rub" rig has become a staple in just about every guide boat plying the freestone waters of the West. With a slightly more positive tip than its 590-4 little brother, the G. Loomis IMX-PRO 690-4 was designed specifically for hucking foam with a dropper. When the surface bite stalls and the streamers come out, the 690-4 won’t disappoint. Plus, it doubles as a killer smallmouth stick when the popper bite is on.

IMX-PRO 696-4 - Sometimes nine feet just isn't enough stick. When you need to break out the mega-heavy indicator rigs, cone-head streamers, or fluffy mouse patterns, an extra six inches only adds to your effectiveness as an angler. The G. Loomis IMX-PRO 696-4 is the perfect tool for those that chase truly large trout from Alaska to the Delaware, and everywhere in between.

G. Loomis IMX-PRO 890 Fly Rod

IMX-PRO 7100-4 - The G. Loomis IMX-PRO 7100-4 is the weapon of choice for pursuing giant Alaska sized trout and Steelhead. The additional length gives you incredible casting power with heavy indicator rigs, maximum line control when mending, and powerful hook sets at distance. More so, the positive tip section was designed specifically for lifting a heavy fish on a long leader to the net with ease, especially when fishing from the boat.

IMX-PRO 7810-1 PRO-1 Streamer - Drive around any trout town these days and you will no doubt see a parade of rigs outfitted with a rod vault. Nobody breaks their rods down anymore, right? Committed anglers will appreciate the inconceivable performance of the IMX-PRO 7810-1 one piece streamer rod. Fast in all the right places for lifting, casting and sending heavy sinking lines and big flies, the IMX-PRO-1 Streamer is the ideal tool for chasing giants.

IMX-PRO 890-4 - There are a lot of anglers that can’t imagine targeting trout with an #8 weight. To be clear, the 890-4 IMX-PRO Streamer wasn’t built for a lot of anglers. It was designed for the few that are willing to trade the body count for quality…and, they want to see a triple-articulated t-bone hanging from the fish’s mouth when it hits the net. Engineered for total efficiency when casting and fishing large flies, the G. Loomis IMX-PRO 890-4 is the prefect streamer workhorse for your arsenal. When the rivers freeze and it’s time to head south for the winter, this stick plays double-duty in any salt situation where power is at a premium.

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