Getting Involved

Sean Visintainer - 08/13/15

Bo Brand of Silver Bow Fly Shop loading up scrap metal out of the Spokane River.

Supporting those that support your river.

Bo and I recently joined up with Jule from Spokane Riverkeeper and one of their interns for a fun float on the lower Spokane River to pick up garbage sitting on the bottom of the river. With lower flows this summer, it has exposed pieces of debris and garbage not normally as accessible to pick up. We floated approximately 4 miles of river and found nearly 640 pounds!

Spokane has numerous organizations that are invested in protecting our local resources. If you are interested in participating in activities like this make sure to follow and support these organizations that are dedicated to protecting places like the Spokane River.

Bo Brand removing bikes from the Spokane River. Removing garbage from the Spokane River using rafts. 640 lbs of garbage removed from the Spokane River. Spokane River Keepers.

Three organizations that the Silver Bow Fly Shop supports annually

  • Spokane River Forum - A fantastic organization that is involved in all things Spokane River. A big proponent of river access. I recently joined the board as voice for anglers.
  • Spokane River Keeper - Center for Justice - Jerry White and his crew do a tremendous job of removing trash from the river amongst numerous other projects for a fishable and swimmable Spokane River.
  • Spokane Falls Trout Unlimited - Trout Unlimited is always on the forefront of protecting the wild fish we love on waters such as the Spokane. This organization is a huge voice for our native Redband fish in the Spokane and has been apart of many projects to restore them.

KHQ News Report on Spokane River Cleanup