G. Loomis Now Available

Sean Visintainer - 12/15/16

G. Loomis Spey Rod.

G. Loomis Now Available Through Silver Bow

We are pleased to announce that we have officially added G.Loomis Rods to our line-up at the Silver Bow Fly Shop. Loomis as most of you know has been on the leading edge of rod design for quite some time. Heck rods that were designed 20+ years ago are still in production! That says something on how advanced they are. I've been spending some time this fall fishing Loomis rods and have really enjoyed the blend of power, weight, and feel. They have a really "fishy" feel to them. The other neat thing about G.Loomis is that ALL of their rods are made in Washington, and if you break one you can have the repair expedited with a 2-day turn around. Pretty sweet! I know some of you that could be a big plus for ;)-

Besides the quality and feel of the rods, Loomis' vision of their future and relationship with their dealers jives with the Silver Bow philosophy of a "lifetime customer" not just the quick one-time, one-and-done sale. Building quality relationships and quality product made in the USA a win-win in my book. That is what we expect with all the brands we carry at shop, we trust them and that's why we carry them.

Look for Loomis rods to start trickling in the shop over the next few months. As with all rod brands we try to stock what we feel are the "bread-and-butter" sticks and if you want something special no problem, just let us know and we can order it and we cover the shipping. It's just that easy.