Fly Fishing the Spokane River Article

Sean Visintainer - 08/11/13

Redband Rainbow Trout.

Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine

If you weren't able to get a copy of the May/June issue of Northwest Fly Fishing, we now have a full copy of the article for your reading pleasure. Last year I took Steve Maeder and Jon Luke out from the popular fly fishing magazine for an urban trout fishing experience they had no idea existed. I think they were pleasantly surprised that within minutes of their hotel that one could just as easily go to a classy restaurant, see a concert, or go fly fishing for healthy native trout. A win, win in my book any day!

Enjoy the article and if you ever want to do a guided trip on this hidden gem give us a shout and we will get you on the water!

Download PDF 2.5 MB SpokaneRiver.pdf

Thanks again to Steve Maeder and Jon Luks of Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine

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