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Sean Visintainer - 04/12/19

Aire/Outcast Fishing Raft

Floating fun

Wanting to access more water? Want to get away from the crowds? Want to enjoy fishing nonstop instead of driving hole-to-hole? Buy a raft!

Yup, rafts open up many possibilities for new fishing opportunities. You can take them anywhere and can launch / take-out in harder to access areas. With modular frames such as the NRS style, you can customize the frame to your liking.

If I were to own one boat for the region without a doubt it would be a raft. 13' or 14' in length with a simple frame. I also do own a drift boat for certain rivers, but overall I would NEVER get rid of my raft because it will do everything I want.

If you are interested in a new raft this spring, or it's your first boat purchase ever, let us help get you into a new fishing boat. Bo or I can walk you through the options and offer you a competitive price.

We are a dealer for NRS and Aire / Outcast. Shoot us an email, phone call, or swing by, we would love to help get you on the water!

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Aire/Outcast Fishing Raft
Aire/Outcast Fishing Raft
Aire/Outcast Fishing Raft