Fishing Options

Sean Visintainer - 03/21/20

A quality St. Joe River cutthroat caught by Kenyon Pitts of the Silver Bow Fly Shop. Photo Credit - Mikayla Zivic

Practice solitude

If you are reading this you are one of the lucky folks that has a great outlet like fly fishing to distance yourself from the chaos of the world, seems like now is a great time to go practice your skills... alone.

Fishing location ideas:

  • North Fork Coeur d'Alene River
  • St. Joe River
  • Clark Fork River
  • Kootenai River
  • Yakima River
  • Crab Creek
  • Upper Columbia River
  • March 1st Opener Lakes - Amber, Medical, Coffeepot, Omak, Lenice, Nunnally
  • Fishing Reports Page Updated Weekly

Can't get outside to fish? A few "fishy" options for you:

  • Fly tying - never a better time than the present to learn if you don't tie already!
  • Read books about fly fishing
  • Lots of YouTube videos to view about fishing
  • Buy fishing supplies for when you can go fishing in the future. Curbside To Go and delivery options available from the Silver Bow. Call 509-924-9998 or email us!

Notes about current fishing:

First off, this really nice weather is a great thing in our lives right now, we hope you can get out and enjoy it. Spring is here and fishing will do nothing but improve over the next few weeks.

When it comes to the North Fork of the Coeur d'Alene River and St. Joe River keep in mind, while we have great weather and the fishing is getting better, it is still cold / snowy up high in the drainages. So just because it's 55 degrees here doesn't mean that the upper tribs are in prime shape. But rest assured, fishing on the bottom half of these rivers and other rivers has been good for March. I literally got a satellite phone text from a friend on the St. Joe River this morning and he had a dozen fish to hand already.

With all the warm weather I would expect to see some bumps in flows on the rivers, but not enough to cause actual spring runoff. Just some low elevation, pre-runoff, melt. Typical for this time of the year and shouldn't shut fishing down yet.

When it comes to lake fishing you have some options. Some lakes have been better than others. Coffeepot has had better reports than Amber and Medical. While the latter two have put out some fish, and they are a little closer to town they have been more fickle. Amber Lake has been good with balanced leeches and bionic / san juan worms. Chironomids have (red ones) have been best at Coffeepot and I would suspect chironomid activity get better on the other local lakes this upcoming week too.