Fish Car Cam

Sean Visintainer - 02/01/17

Underwater Brown Trout on the Spokane River.

Junk or Habitat?

Last September Bo and I spent a day with Cutboard Studio working on a project showcasing the Spokane River and it's fishy inhabitants. In addition to a great Spokane River Video Aaron Nepean from Cutboard ended up with some pretty sweet underwater footage of Redbands. It's interesting to see the river from a different perspective, especially when you have only seen it from above. One particular area I knew of a old car that was deep below the surface, it's final resting place from years ago, aways from any road. Not sure how it got there and I'm sure it has some stories to tell. Aaron ran his underwater camera near the car as we floated by and low-and-behold a nice redband was hovering just behind it. It appears that this rainbow has turned one man's junk into his home oasis. While, yes, the car is probably not good in the river, at least the locals have found it useful in providing habitat.

We have quite a bit of "Fish Cam" footage so we will share some more with you as we upload it.