Fall Update

Sean Visintainer - 09/19/16

Fall on the Grande Ronde River, Washington.

A love / hate.

Fall is a love / hate relationship for me. I love fall weather and the good fishing. I'm not a big fan of the season after fall. For now though we have a lot to look forward to, from comfortable temps to hungry trout and active hatches. The common question in the shop right now is what's hatching? October caddis are out in good numbers on streams like the NF Clearwater, St. Joe, and are showing up on the CDA as well. Mahogany dun mayflies, bwo's, and midges round out the bulk of Idaho bugs. Caddis have been very important on the Spokane as of late again keeping the soft hackle swing game strong as we progress through the season. Since temps are still warm, and we have yet to have a cold snap, the terrestrial fishing is plugging right along. Hoppers, ants, and beetles will still produce. Ants being the number one player this season. All rivers are fishing, so pick your favorite and go poke around.

Something new we are trying this season is a small, informal event called SpeyKan. If you are "Spey curious", or need some pointers, it should be the right event for you. Bo and I will be putting on this short 3-4 hour clinic down at the Spokane on October 1st. We are keeping it low key and somewhat hands on, so if you need help, or have questions, please be sure to sign up and come out to the free spey event.

Steelies are are starting to show up in our area in catchable numbers. Kelby from the shop has been getting after it and picked up a fish the other day on the Clearwater and says others have been landing some fish as well. He also floated the Grande Ronde with his brother whom managed to tangle into a small early steelhead below Boggan's. The next couple weeks should pick up a little bit. Yes numbers are down, but that may mean less angling pressure and more water to yourself. If you don't go... you can't catch anything!

Good luck and hope you get to enjoy some fall fishing whether you are swinging flies, or casting dries on a quiet trout stream.

- Sean Visintainer

  • Steelhead fishing on the Deschutes.
  • Fall trout fishing in Idaho.
  • Fall trout fishing in Idaho.
  • Deschutes Steelhead.
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