Fall Streamer Time

Sean Visintainer - 11/09/21

Michael Visintainer selecting the right streamer for fall fishing.

Simple and successful streamer fishing

Dropping temps, dwindling hatches, and late fall mean more time spent dredging deep. While the allure of catching fish on the surface captures most fly anglers' attention, a good streamer grab can also be very exciting.

I have nothing against indicator or euro nymph fishing, because when it boils down to it I enjoy catching fish, but prospecting water with a streamer during late fall can often yield big results in fish size.

If you are newer to streamer fishing or need a few pointers, this old (yet still useful video) I made years ago keeps things simple and to the point.

Give it a watch and try some streamer fishing yourself this fall!

Remember... don't over complicate or over analyze it!