Fall on the St. Joe River

Sean Visintainer - 10/31/17

St. Joe River Cutthroat Cutbow Trout.

Fall countdown

The days are numbered. Sunshine through most of the week. A change later next weekend will slow down the greatness that has been happening. Typical for this time of the year. There will still be some opportunities as move through November, always is no matter what the month. You will have to pick and choose your days a little more.

Last Friday Mike and I said screw work it can wait, too much sunshine and warmth to not take advantage of it. The St. Joe is in prime fall shape still. Bwo's, mahoganies, midges and even some October caddis still hatching throughout the warm part of the day. Rising cutthroat in the softer seams, slots, and pools. Fall colors. Elk along the river. Hardly a soul in site.

Get out and enjoy it while you can!