Experience the Spokane Video

Sean Visintainer - 06/21/17

Spokane River Redband Trout.

Experience the Spokane River

Not too many cities have wild trout rivers flowing through the heart of them. We are the lucky few. The mighty Spokane River travels through an area with roughly half million people yet is home to native redband, brown trout, and cutthroat trout. Over the decades the Spokane has faced many issues like most urban rivers, however it's future is bright with many citizens and a few local organizations joining together ensure it's health for generations to come.

While we may not have a famous river like the Madison or Henry's Fork, the Spokane River continues to impress me every season. It's native redband trout are remnants of steellhead that once thrived in the Spokane and while these trout may be blocked from going to the ocean the characteristics of the steelhead can still be seen in how they fight, jump, and react to flies. Quality over quantity is the game here. On a typical outing anglers can certainly hook into a fair share of trout on any given day, but what they will usually notice is how beautiful the redbands are and their incredible strength.

Instead of rambling on anymore about what I think about the Spokane a better idea is to visually see what I think about the Spokane. Our friends at Cutboard Studio helped put together this incredible video showcasing the Spokane River, the hidden gem we call our home water. Kick back and watch this sort two minute video and experience the Spokane River with us.

Thanks for watching and let us know if you would like to float the river with our excellent guide team.

- Sean Visintainer