Eddy the Shop Dog

Sean Visintainer - 02/19/12

Ed enjoying some rays on a cold day on the Grande Ronde. Photo by Michael Visintainer

The Shop Dog

Most of you have had the opportunity to meet my dog Ed (Eddy is his official name). For those of you that haven't I would like to introduce him to you. Ed is approximately 5 years old and is the younger half-brother of my other late dog Tripod (yes he had only 3 legs). He has been dubbed the official greeter of the Silver Bow Fly Shop and has a dedicated following... mostly children, but the ladies seem to have a soft spot for this gentle giant and his flowing golden red hair. Anytime I am at the shop Ed comes too and even sometimes when I'm not he will be there to greet you.

Check out Ed's profile or stop in for a visit... you might even be fortunate enough to get one of his panted chomp licks!!