Early Morning Spokane Guide Trips

Sean Visintainer - 07/15/21

Silver Bow Spokane River Fly Fishing Guide Jake Hood

Go early, have fun early

Summertime means early starts and early finishes on just about every trout fishery in the west these days. The nice thing about that is you get to enjoy the coolest, best part of the day while everyone else is sleeping or just headed out to work.

If you live, or are traveling, in the Spokane area the river makes it easy for early starts without having to venture to far off locations.

Anglers that are willing to wake up early can be rewarded with the iconic Redband trout, our native trout species. These hard fighting rainbow trout are descendants of steelhead that used to once return to the river before the dams blocked their passage.

Redbands love to put on a show, often jumping and pulling line harder than the cutthroat trout that are more commonly found across the northern Rockies. They can be wiley though, they have thrived for all this time by not being easy to catch.

Our guide team has the river system dialed and will cut the learning curve down immensely. They guide the river daily during the season and often even fish the river on their days off to stay sharp.

Since our Spokane River guided trips started in 2010 we have shown many anglers the beauty and fun of this wild, urban trout fishery.

Let us do the rowing this summer!

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Silver Bow Fly Shop Guide Manager, Bo Brand, taking down notes for Spokane River Guided Fly Fishing Trips.