Dry Fly Inspiration

Sean Visintainer - 12/06/18

Blue Wing Olive Flies

Stealth and patience required

It's a cold one this week in the Spokane region. Too cold now for good fishing. Yes, you can still catch some fish more than likely, but it's gunna be a bit slower, and your toes numb. Probably a good week to hibernate. I doubt I will fish this week, which says a lot cuz I like late fall fishing.

This would be a good week to bust out some holiday shopping. I suppose I should do some of that as well since I normally wait until the last minute. We have a lot of cool fly fishing items in-stock and hopefully we are your go-to source for the latest and greatest. We strive to have some of the newest items on hand as soon as they are available. Year round.

In the meantime here are a few shots of sipping Redband trout on the Spokane quietly feeding on blue winged olives to keep you motivated. These selective feeders will require the utmost in patience and stealth. I remember a time when most local anglers thought Spokane River trout wouldn’t eat dries, a subsurface fishery only... I think we have proven that myth to be false.

Blue Wing Olive Flies
Blue Wing Olive Flies