Bo's Christmas Island Trip Report

Bo Brand - 04/17/18

Christmas Island Fly Fishing.

Endless flats and endless bonefish..

Christmas Island has an endless supply of water to fish. Small and large pancake flats full of bonefish, huge triggerfish and the occasional cursing GT or Bluefin Trevally. Never ending beach flats that you could fish for weeks. Blue water just off shore, small to medium sized lagoons connected by small channels, and a shallow reef just inside the surf right in front of our lodge.

The bonefishing was at times amazing. On the days without clouds I saw some truly huge bones, and I managed to catch a personal best, as well as large numbers of small to medium sized bonefish. The trigger fish were the biggest I have ever seen, and also the spookiest. Overcast days when we couldn't see any fish we waded a little deeper and would blind cast to bonefish. Not as fun as sight fishing them but at least we were in to fish.

Christmas Island is known for GT fishing and was my primary focus. This meant after catching a bonefish or two I would store my 7 or 8 wt in exchange for a 10 or 12 wt and walk the deeper edges of the flats. Most days I saw one or two giant trevally, sometimes not having a chance to make a single cast due to the unpredictable nature of them. But when a big "geet" chases your fly 60 plus feet to eat it at your rod tip as you frantically run backwards it all seems worth it. Unfortunately due to a slip up or two on my part, the giant GT will remain a fish story.

Thanks to all who travelled with me and help plan this adventure. We had an excellent group of anglers join us and I hope we can do another one soon.

Christmas Island Fly Fishing.