Chironomid Fly Fishing Basics

Sean Visintainer - 05/28/14

Chironomid Fly Fishing on a private lake. Photo by Michael Visintainer

Gear, Flies, Technique and What to look for.

I probably shouldn't start off this post with this statement... I'm not a lake fisherman. But, it's true, I'm not... well I'm not much of one... I love rivers (and saltwater). However, that being said I have spent a fair amount of time on lakes, more so in my fly fishing past.

Let's get to the real subject though, Chironomid Basics. If you are new to lake fishing, chironomids can be a little more intimidating to fish or maybe you are not sure how to fish them. This video will cover all the basics to fishing chironomids on local lakes such as Amber Lake, Medical Lake, West Medical Lake, Coffeepot Lake, and well pretty much any lake that has good chironomid activity.

Check out the video below on our YouTube channel and let me know if you have questions!