Casting Tip for Fast Action Rods

Sean Visintainer - 07/12/17

Spokane River Redband Trout.


I love fast action fly rods. I love lazar tight loops. High performance, fast action rods are great tools for generating fast line speed and slim loops for accuracy. They also aid in casting larger flies, longer distance, and wind conditions.

Faster action rods, however, have a less room for error when casting. The margin to hit perfect cast is just that much smaller. One of the major things we notice when working with anglers to improve, or fix, their casting is the forward stop. In order to achieve the maximum performance from a fast rod the fly caster must come to a complete stop to unload the rod and create the loop. When the stop on the forward stroke is done right fast action rods can really be a very versatile tool in your rod lineup.

- Sean Visintainer

Rod Used in Video = Sage X 590-4