Attaching a Braided Loop

Sean Visintainer - 02/17/15

Attaching a Braided Loop.

Attaching a Braided Loop to a Fly Line

Loop-to-loop connections have been around for quite awhile now and have become the standard on how anglers attach leaders to fly line. Most factory lines come with a nice welded loop making the days of trying to rig a braided sleeve on your fly line almost a thing of the past. However, factory welded loops sometime become damaged or broken, and many sink-tip lines don't come with loops. Braided loops are perfect for these situations when you want the ease of a loop-to-loop connection.

In this video I demonstrate how to securely attach a braided loop to a floating or sink-tip line. I also give a few pointers to help speed up the process so your braided loop connections turn out smoother.

Let us know if you have any questions. If you need to order a package of braided loops just give us a call at 509-924-9998.

Attaching a Braided Loop.