Bolivia Hosted Trip 2017

Michael Visintainer - 01/19/17

Jon Covich with a Bolivian Golden Dorado.

Tsimane's Pluma Lodge, Bolivia June 1-11th, 2017

Considered one of the top 2 destinations in the world for fly anglers, Bolivia is surely a destination not to disappoint. Next June we are hosting a group of adventurous anglers in search of jungle gold, the mighty Golden Dorado. These brilliant yellow bulldogs are considered to be a cross between steelhead, tarpon, and a barracuda. Bone crushing jaws, rod breaking strength, and acrobatic antics make these one of the most sought after species in the jungle. Just thinking about them makes the adrenaline flow.

Tsimane Lodge is located in the heart of the Bolivian Jungle where the amazon meets the Andes making for some pretty incredible terrain. Looking at photos the location reminds me of freestone rivers like the St. Joe, or coastal steelhead streams lush with vegetation. This trip is about the overall adventure as much as the fishing. Anglers that have been to this region say that interacting with the indigenous communities is as rewarding, if not more, than catching these incredible fish.

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Photos by Jon Covich

A little bit about Pluma Lodge...

Tsimane is owned and operated by Untamed Angling with exclusive rights to the region. The Pluma Lodge features cabins made from hand hewn local timber, private bathrooms with hot showers, satellite telephone and internet as well as fine cuisine. While anglers access the rivers by boat, considerable walking and wading is essential to success. This trip into the heart of the Bolivian jungle is best suited to adventuresome, fit travelers. The rewards include incredible flora and fauna, the opportunity to interact with indigenous people, and world class fly fishing.

Anglers at Tsimane will fly fish three main river systems and a number of tributaries accessing more than 30km of pristine water. The operation caters to six anglers per trip. At the beginning of the trip the group will be split into three teams that will fly fish together for the majority of the trip. Each day pairs of angers will fly fish in different directions with a skilled Argentine guide and a native assistant. Given the rivers’ structure and clarity anglers will spend a portion of time blind casting and a portion of their time sight fishing. Although boats are used to motor or pole up through the longer pools most of the travel and angling is done while wading the freestone terrain. Due to the overall distances that need to be covered and the hot weather, this trip is best suited for reasonably fit anglers who are comfortable with multiple stream crossings and rocky terrain.

Accommodations and Meals: Main Lodge - Tsimane’s Pluma Lodge has been carved out of the jungle using a combination of site milled hardwood and plank material shipped up the river. The lodge is in a spectacular setting and is best described as being rustically elegant. The main lodge is complemented by handsome double occupancy cabins that are joined by decks overlooking the river. All cabins have private bathrooms with showers. The lodge is equipped with generator power with battery back-up, on demand hot water, and wireless internet service. The lodge has an Argentine chef who serves a variety of local and Argentine meals prepared with a wonderful flair.

Out Camps: All guests at the Pluma Lodge program will have the option of doing one or multiple overnights at the lodge’s out camps on the upper Pluma or Itirizama. These camps offer adventurous clients access to even more remote waters on the spectacularly beautiful upper-most reaches of these rivers. Gaining access to these camps will require a fair bit of strenuous walking. The out camps consist of large nylon camping tents built on raised platforms and have tented pit toilets, solar showers and a small common tent for dining. Simple hearty meals will be prepared by your guides.

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Photos by Jon Covich

What Flywater Travel has to say about Tsimane...

In terms of the all around ultimate fly fishing adventure, Tsimane, more than most any other place, has it all. Located in a remote indigenous territory of Bolivia where the Andes meet the upper Amazon, the freestone rivers of the region are both familiar and foreign to the well traveled angler. Each season hundreds of thousands of bait fish migrate up the greater Secure system and with them come thousands of large, aggressively feeding dorado. Here it is common to see packs of fierce dorado herding bait fish into the shallows and mercilessly ripping through them. From a great distance you can see the frothing commotion as the bait leaps into the air in a desperate effort to escape. From a quarter mile away the raining down of eight inch bait fish sounds like a dump truck dropping 20 yards of gravel. Here, anglers wet wade a jade green river and cast six inch flies on wire leaders through an endless array of pristine water types. Their reward; consistent catches of pugnacious, aerial dorado in the 8 - 35 pound class as well as additional jungle species like the fickle pacu and the elusive surubi. With few exceptions, the many anglers we have sent to Tsimane rate the trip among the top three angling experiences in their extensive careers. We couldn’t agree more strongly!

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  • Location - Tsimane, Pluma Lodge, Bolivia
  • Species - Golden dorado, Amazon Pacu
  • Dates - June 1 though June 11, 2017
  • Spaces Available - 0
  • Rate - $7,600 per person for a 9 night and 6 day package.
  • Included - Accommodations and meals at Tsimane Lodge, arrival night and departure night lodging in Santa Cruz, guided fishing, charter flights.
  • Not Included - $670 Native fees, airfare, fishing tackle and flies, guide gratuities, departure taxes.

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Photos by Jon Covich