Boggan's Oasis Fire

Sean Visintainer - 11/21/17

Boggan’s Oasis destroyed by fire.

Closed due to fire

For many in the steelhead community Boggan's Oasis served as a hub for information, guides, food, lodging, and local hangout for many anglers. Late Saturday night unfortunately marked the end of an era when a fire ravaged Boggan's Cafe burning it completely to the ground. Thankfully nobody was hurt, but the loss affects many that work or play in the desert oasis of the Grande Ronde River.

We spent many days and nights at the Boggan's locale as it served as a hub for our steelhead guided trips on the Grande Ronde. For many other guides it also served as a base camp for their guided trips. Bill and Farrel were always welcoming to any and all for their services. Those of you that do annual Grande Ronde guided trips with us every year will be contacted prior to next season's trips for updates on meeting locations, lodging, etc.

What caused the fire? Will they rebuild? We are not sure currently of what the details of the fire are or if Bill and Farrel will rebuild. Time will tell what the destiny of the Boggan's Oasis Cafe will be.

For shuttle info give us a call and we can help you figure out who to reach for shuttles.

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Boggan’s Oasis destroyed buiding.
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