Big Fish Motivation

Sean Visintainer - 11/18/19

Spokane River Redband

Wet wading in November? Yes, when the stakes are high!

We all need a little motivation from time-to-time. Today, Mike is giving us some Monday motivation in the form of a true stellar Spokane River Redband trout.

Mike was out enjoying the fine fall afternoon yesterday and had been working hard looking for untouched water. His efforts were rewarded with this absolutely beautiful Redband trout that he measured in at a solid twenty-one+ inches.

I was fishing a different stretch of river when my phone starting ringing with Mike on the other end frantically describing how the scene unfolded. He recalled to me the nail biting action of the fish tail walking on the surface showing off its incredible size knowing he would have to work hard, and very carefully, to land this beast on this Echo euro rod and 5x tippet.

Mike had not planned on getting in the water yesterday, just opting to rock hop and fish pockets from the bank, but this fish had him thinking otherwise. He hastily decided to wade out in the chilly water to give himself extra reach with the net. With cold, wet boots and pants the large Redband was safely in the net. A memory that he will never forget.

If you haven't been out lately, there is still plenty of opportunity to be had right here in town. A short outing with the shot at some truly incredible fish is enough motivation for me, I hope it is for you too!

Wet Wading Spokane River