Basic Fall Streamer Tactics

Sean Visintainer - 11/07/14

Redband Trout headshot with streamer.

New to streamer fishing? These simple tactics should help!

Streamer fly fishing can be a great way to find big, aggressive trout in the Fall. For most new anglers, streamer fishing can be a little intimidating, but really it shouldn't be. They can be relatively simple to fish.

Spokane River Fall Colors in the Spokane Valley.

Here are two very basic ways to fish streamers and a couple pointers for each technique.

1 - Swinging Streamers

  • Cast across or slightly down and across the current
  • Allow fly to sink by mending
  • If you have fast current between you and fly... mend upstream
  • If you have fast current where your fly lands and slow current near rod... mend downstream
  • Lead fly through swing towards bank
  • Cover new water after each cast
  • Colder the temps... slower the swing

2 - Stripping Streamers

  • Cast into run or pool... allow fly to sink
  • Retrieve fly back using various stripping techniques
  • Small strips with pauses work
  • Long slow strips work
  • A combination of a strip with a light "pop" of the rod tip works
  • Colder the temps... slower the retrieve

To help get a better understanding of basic streamer fly fishing techniques in the Fall, check out this short video I made: