Baseball and Redbands

Sean Visintainer - 07/03/17

Otto Spokane Indians with a Spokane Redband Trout.

Rally for the Redbands

The folks involved in river conservation around here probably never imagined a marketing campaign designed not only for the local baseball team, but to bring awareness to our redband trout. I know I never imagined it would get to that level. It's really quite brilliant. Otto Klein, VP of the Spokane Indians, has designed a campaign that brings the Spokane Tribe, the ball team, local conservation organizations, the river, and the city together.

I recently had a chance to fish with Otto on the Spokane and listen to him passionately talk about the plan as we both took turns hooking and playing our prized redbands. Most teams have a rally mascot and instead of just creating another mascot Otto wanted it to have a deeper meaning. Recognizing the redband as Spokane's "signature fish" and that the redband's ability to survive despite the odds mirrored the Indians ball team.

It's all about the river and the redbands says Otto. I couldn't agree more and am very excited to see what momentum this could bring to our favorite hometown fish.

For more details check out the article in the Spokesman Review: