New Orvis Helios

Sean Visintainer - 02/07/24

2024 Orvis Helios F and D Fly Fishing Rods

Crazy light, crazy accurate.

The all New 2024 Orvis Helios fly rods has arrived at the Silver Bow! Coming off the highly popular Helios 3, the latest Helios takes it up another notch with improved accuracy, durability, and swing weight.

We first saw these rods last summer and were blown away with how light and accurate they were. They are easily some of the finest rods ever produced with a crisp fast action that is capable of short to long range situations. We received a lineup of 4-10wts at the shop which should cover 98% of most angling situations. If there is a model you want that we don't stock, please let us know and we can order you one up.

Distance and Finesse — A Quiver of Options in Two Series

Choose D for increased line speed and lifting power and F for ultimate sensitivity and delicate presentations with tippet protection.

Come down and test cast one today, we think you will be impressed!

In-stock Rods:

Helios F 9' 4wt 4pc

Helios F 9' 5wt 4pc

Helios D 9' 5wt 4pc

Helios D 9' 5" 5wt 4pc

Helios D 9' 6wt 4pc - Sold Out

Helios D 9' 8wt 4pc

Helios D 9' 9wt 4pc

10 weight Sold Out. More on order!

Your best is now 4x better with unprecedented accuracy and the backbone to deliver when you need it most. Designed and rigorously tested to perform in the most demanding conditions, the all-new HeliosTM fly rod is the go-everywhere, fish-anything option for anglers demanding power and precision. From tight-quarter trout streams to double hauling on salt flats, the versatility is a game-changer. With the world’s most accurate and powerful fly rod in your hands, anything is possible.

Tested and Proven

When compared to Helios 3, the previous industry benchmark for accuracy:

  • 4X more accurate
  • 25% more durable in extreme breakage testing
  • 10% lighter swing weight

Made in USA