2020 Patagonia - Sold Out

Sean Visintainer - 05/31/19

A large brown trout from the Las Pampas region of Patagonia Argentina caught on a dry fly.

Sold Out

I'm excited to be heading back to Patagonia next season for another week of South American trout fishing. Next year's trip is already SOLD OUT, so unfortunately we don't have anymore spots open. If you are interested in traveling with us PLEASE let us know! We usually have one, or two, trips up our sleeves to various destinations. So if you like to travel, email or call and we will keep your contact info handy. We have two other trips scheduled next year with potential availability so we will be posting those shortly... CUBA and SEYCHELLES!

Our 2020 Patagonia trip will be heading back to Las Pampas Lodge and also include a day of golden dorado fishing on the front end. Golden dorado fishing has gained a lot of popularity over the years for being an apex predator on the fly. The neat thing about flying to South America is that there are numerous opportunities to catch them, even right out of the bustling city of Buenos Aires where will be targeting them with our friends from Urban Dorado Anglers. Mike was able to host a trip to the jungles of Bolivia a few years back and I'm looking forward to trying my luck at them as well. Mike's trip report from Bolivia.

The trout fishing around Argentina in the Patagonia region is nothing but superb and after a long winter up north here it is a welcome adventure. If you are interested take a read of this years trip below.

2019 - Las Pampas Trip Report

A large golden dorado from Buenos Aires with Urban Dorado Anglers.
Casting to golden dorado in Buenos Aires with Urban Dorado Anglers.