Spring Fever

Sean Visintainer - 02/22/17

Montana Cutthroat Release.

Soon, very soon

Last week, Mike and I decided that Hell or high-water we were determined to go fishing. If you were to solely rely on the local news channels for your river information you would think that fishing right now is completely out of the question and that the entire region is under 10' of water. While there was truth to the raging rivers, there always seems to be at least a tiny bit of moving water to fish somewhere. Being that temps are not very conducive to all day fishing, we opted for a few hours in the afternoon on the upper Spokane. As I always preach... the Spokane is wonderful winter fishery. Short drive times and it never freezes. High water, no problem. Look for areas the river spreads out and slows down. The sun was out, wind was minimal, midges were hatching, and at least one fish was willing to play. Fishing was not red hot by any means, but it was a reminder of what's around the corner. Spring.

The next few weeks will be the end of the long dreary winter. Longer days, warmer temps, midge and bwo hatches, melting snow, all the things we are looking forward too. Pre-runoff fishing to me means uncrowded rivers and hungry fish. I always think some of the best fishing is done prior to summer and some of the biggest fish of the season are more willing to eat.

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