2017 Snowpack Conditions

Sean Visintainer - 03/03/17

Idaho Snowpack.

Snow days = healthy river days.

Winter is back in the Spokane / Coeur d'Alene region! And we aren't complaining! Although admittedly we do have a little spring fever, we are very excited that we have adequate snow levels and that the snowpack is currently hanging in there and not melting away. Like most years, we get the bulk of our snow later in the winter. Recently the snowpack percentages have been creeping over the 90% mark and with some rain in the forecast for the valley, we should see some more backcountry and high elevation powder. Hell, as I'm writing this there is some snow falling! Good stuff.

As an angler and fishing business owner, snowpack is a double edge sword. Don't get enough... we face drought conditions and river closers. A loose-loose for the fish, anglers, and business. Get too much snow... well it wreaks havoc on the rivers and anglers aren't out fishing, shorting the fishing season for business. In my opinion, I'm always excited to see a nice blend of snow pack for the trout / rivers / wildlife but not a crazy amount that it becomes destructive. We do like to have our cake and eat it too right?! Last year's conditions were a touch on the light side, but rain a cooler temps kept the rivers going. We did have an earlier runoff too. This year, winter is hanging on longer, snowpack is shaping up better, and the projected forecast is good. I hope all the stars align and we have a great season, it's starting to look like we are.

Update - March 13 = Spokane Snowpack 103%

Update - March 9 = Spokane Snowpack 100%

Idaho Snow Pack.

Spokane Snow Pack. Spokane Basin consists of the North Fork Coeur d'Alene and St. Joe Rivers

Clark Fork Snow Pack.