2017 Fly Fishing Film Tour

Sean Visintainer - 01/06/17

F3t Fly Fishing Film Tour.

Winter Blues... Cured.

It's that time of the year again. Time for an evening of escape. Escape from the cold, the snow, your work, escape from reality. The Fly Fishing Film Tour, or F3T for short, is back this January at the Bing Crosby Theater in downtown Spokane. The F3T showcases different cinematographers and anglers from around the world a glimpse into what makes fly fishing so special. Whether it's exotic locales, adventure, backyard haunts, or a story about conserving our watersheds, the Film Tour has a little something for everyone.

While you may not like every single film that is shown, it's a chance to at least dream about the upcoming season and what it may bring you this time around. We have been to every single Fly Fishing Film Tour since they started and it has always been a good time, guaranteed. And to clarify, this is NOT the IF4 (International Film Tour) that the Silver Bow has hosted for the last few years. This is original film tour that travels around the country bringing you the latest in fly fishing videos.

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