2017 Fall Spokane River Video Report

Sean Visintainer - 10/11/17

Spokane River Redband Trout

All is good in the fall

We've been taking advantage of the great fall weather here in the Spokane region and hitting our home water. The Spokane River has been pretty consistent just like the weather. Warmer temps have been keeping the big fly game alive with various colors of chubby chernobyls getting some big eats lately. Over the last few days there have been less in the mornings but plenty in the afternoon. Running a rubber leg or caddis pupa dropper will find fish equally if not more. Color include the usual red, purple, royal, and even orange for the big October caddis that can be found right now.

Each trip we are out we are noticing more and more blue winged olive activity in addition to the variety of caddis that have been hatching. The best blue winged fishing can be found in the smooth glassy water and seams in the afternoon. Purple haze, bwo sparkle duns, cripples or swining soft hackles will work for fish feeding in the film. They are spooky right now fyi so make that first shot count!

The nymph and streamer game has been good, with the nymph game being the preferred choice this past week for success. Usual suspects for nymph rigs like pat's rubber legs, pheasant tails, prince nymphs, and caddis pupa. Patterns with peacock in them rule for the nymph game. Downsizing streamers and being in tune with your bug to not miss the short strikes is key right now for those searching with streamers. A variety of colors have worked but clear winners have been olive/yellow, crayfish, and then black in the evening hours.

Enjoy the video and get out on the Spokane River, good option now through the rest of fall!