10 Years

Sean Visintainer - 09/05/15

Sean Visintainer with his dog Ed outside the Silver Bow Fly Shop, Spokane

Thank You for a Great 10 Years

That's right, 10 years! I started with Silver Bow Fly Shop in the summer of 2002, teaching classes, selling gear, cleaning toilets (I still do this), etc. A few years later in 2005 Wayne Williams, former Silver Bow Owner, liked what I was doing with the shop and gave me an opportunity to purchase / move the business to its current location. An opportunity I am forever grateful for, thanks Wayne. I can already hear the question... how old were you?! I was 23. Yes, I get that a lot lol. I haven't aged a bit haha. One day I won't get carded when ordering a drink, maybe. At any rate, we boxed up the shop Labor Day Weekend 2005 with friends and family and moved it to the current location along I-90.

The last 10 years have flown by really, really fast! We have seen a lot in the last decade, from an increased interest in fly fishing, to crazy advancements in gear, a recession, other competitors coming and going, a growing interest in conservation, so-on and so-forth. What hasn't changed though are you, our great customers. Most people don't realize this, but many of our customers have been shopping with us for over a decade, maybe even two! We also have many newer customers that have been very loyal and supportive. I can't thank all of you enough for your support the last 10 years, whether you are newer to the shop, or have been with us for decades.

There are a few others I would like to thank for helping the last 10 years as well. The staff here at the shop has been tremendous. What a great group of fishy folks that are dedicated to the shop and the sport. One person I would like to thank in particular is my brother Michael. He has been instrumental in many aspects of the shop from accounting, to web and graphics, inventory management, business management, and of course his ridiculously good photography. Without this group of people... there is no way we could have made it this far! Thanks guys.

I appreciate everyone making the last 10 years an awesome experience and for the support, here's to another 10 years of fly shop business!

- Sean Visintainer