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When Hatch Outdoors came out with the 4 Plus Finatic we were beyond stoked. The 4 Plus Finatic is the quintessential premium 4 or 5 weight sized fly reel. This trout sized reel is ideal on most modern fly rods for trout and like all Hatch Fly Reels features the unmistakable Hatch feel and performance. Without a doubt this is one of the finest reels on the market for trout and we know you won't be disappointed. Whether you are in hot pursuit of the salmonfly hatch here the Rocky Mountains, smallmouth on 5 weights, or high alpine trout with your 4 weight, the Finatic 4 Plus is the ideal companion.

Spool Size - Large Arbor

When Hatch Outdoors first came to the market in 2004 we quickly realized they had something going on that no one else did. As one of the very first Hatch Reel dealers ever, we have been with Hatch since the beginning and they have never let us down. Reliability, durability, and a smooth powerful sealed drag system have always been the benchmark of Hatch Outdoors Reels. With their fully machined Finatic reels, you will not find plastic on these. These are premium US manufactured reels are meant for those that demand the best. From design features like the integrated reel foot, to a stacked disc drag providing maximum stopping force, Hatch left no stone unturned when designing the Finatic series of fly reels. If you are looking for bombproof reliability and topnotch craftsmanship, Hatch Outdoor Fly Reels deliver the best.


  • Body: Finatic
  • Spool: Large Arbor
  • Finish: Type 2 Anodize
  • Line Weights: 4-6
  • Species: Trout
  • Diameter: 3.425"
  • Width: .90"
  • Weight: 5.2 oz
  • Made in USA

Model Diameter Weight Line Weight Capacity
5+ 3.625 in 6.5 oz 5, 6, 7 WF6+ (118 yd Hatch Premium)
WF6+ (110 yd 20#)
4+ 3.425 in 5.2 oz 4, 5 WF5+ (110 yd Hatch Premium)
WF5+ (100 yd 20#)
3+ 3.25 in 5.3 oz 3, 4 WF4+ (108 yd Hatch Premium)
WF4+ (100 yd 20#)


  • Manufacturer: Hatch
  • Manufacturer Part Number: H4P LA
  • UPC:

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