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Sean's Fly Fishin' Blog

Keep Fish Healthy During Heat

6 day ago

What you can do to keep your fishery healthy With this "heat-wave-from-hell" we are having this July it has got me thinking about prope ...

Leader Talk Part 2 - Simplifying Leader Selection

2 week ago

Life is complicated...which leader to use shouldn't be. When fishing our local fisheries like the Spokane, St. Joe, or NF Coeur d ...

Catch and Release Fishing Works

4 week ago

The proof is in the pudding... and in this case it's in the spots. It's hard to say sometimes if certain types of regulations are worki ...

Fishing larger diameter leaders and tippet

1 month

GO BIG OR GO... Every year I'm amazed at how light of tippet anglers use for flies. Out of all the sizes we sell at the shop, 5x is de ...

Chironomid Fly Fishing Basics

1 month

Gear, Flies, Technique and What to look for. I probably shouldn't start off this post with this statement... I'm not a lake fishe ...

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