Flyweight Stockingfoot Waders

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Introducing Simms first stockingfoot wader with Gore-Tex® Pro Stretch in the crotch gusset and arm gussets for the most flexible wader that moves with your body on any terrain.

Stay organized and comfortable with the Simms Flyweight Stockingfoot Waders. These lightweight waders feature the latest top of the line Gore-Tex® Pro Stretch for increased comfort and durability. The Flyweight Wader is for the new breed of hardcore, focused anglers.

5.11®: HexGrid® unique patented multi-directional modular tactical gear system.

5.11® Hexgrid® Platform

Customize your set-up to match any fishing scenario. Mount pods and other accessories at different angles for smooth ergonomic access and personal preference.

Designed for compatibility with all Flyweight Pods and Accessories

Zippered side gussets for customized fit options, relaxed or athletic.

Stretch crotch gusset and patented front and back leg seams for best-ever wader mobility

  Very Rugged
  Extremely Breathable
Gore-Tex® Pro Stretch

For the ultimate in mobility and comfort, stretch panels are built into the crotch and underarm gussets for waterproof, breathable protection that won’t slow you down.

Men's Sizes
Largest Girth
Chest, Waist* or Hips
Crotch to Floor
S 35"-36" 31"-32" 7-8
M 39"-40" 33"34" 9-11
MK 41"-42" 33"-34" 9-11
ML 39"-40" 35"-36" 9-11
L (9-11) 43"-44" 33"-34" 9-11
L (12-13) 43"-44" 33"-34" 12-13
LK 45"-46" 33"34" 9-11
LL (9-11) 43"-44" 35"-36" 9-11
LL (12-13) 43"-44" 35"-36" 12-13
XL 47"-48" 35"-36" 12-13
XXL 51"-52" 35"-36" 12-13
* These are body measurements



 Made in USA


  • Manufacturer: Simms
  • Manufacturer Part Number: 12932-781
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