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Ross Reels takes their classic Colorado click and pawl system and brings it back to life with an all new tricked out LT version. The Colorado LT from Ross features the simplicity of the all-metal clicker from the original Colorado and boasts a highly ported, large arbor frame. Lightweight and rugged, the Colorado LT pairs nicely with super light modern graphite rods and has just the right tension for most trout fishing situations. This all American made fly reel from Ross will surely impress the die-hard Ross Reels fans out there.


  • Drag Type: Click and Pawl System
  • Materials: Bar stock 6061 Construction
  • Machined Canvas Phenolic Rod (eliminating the need for a counter weight)
  • Machined Marine-Grade Bronze Bushing
  • Freshwater or Warmwater
  • Made in Montose, Colorado USA

Model Diameter Weight Line Weight Capacity
0-3 3.20 in 2.86 oz 0, 1, 2, 3 WF3+ (55 yd 20#)
3-4 3.325 in 2.91 oz 3, 4 WF4+ (55 yd 20#)
4-5 3.45 in 2.98 oz 4, 5 WF5+ (55 yd 20#)


  • Manufacturer: Ross Reels
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