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The Ultimate Line for delicate presentation, with ultra-low stretch performance.

The double taper InTouch Trout LT stands "Light Touch" and is perfect for light presentations such as dry fly fishing or soft hackle fishing. Don't let the "Light Touch" name fool you though, this line makes an excellent nymph indicator line. Double Taper lines make great roll casting or single hand spey lines due to the larger body section placed near the rod tip for maximum control and load. Built with Rio's ConneCore which is a low-stretch core for increased sensitivity, hook sets, and line management on the water.

NOTE: We have found that this particular double taper line does do very well on modern graphite rods that are medium to faster actions. If you have a really soft or slow action rod we would recommend a different line such as Scientitic Anglers Trout DT. Please call the shop 509-924-9998 and talk to one of staff members if you have questions regarding if the line will work well on your particular fly rod.

InTouch Trout Light Touch Double Taper Fly Line Profile.
Example: DT5F / Overall Length: 90'


  • Long, fine tapers for soft presentation
  • ConnectCore improves cast timing, hook set and mending
  • Perfect for soft hackles, and small dry flies
  • Easy ID to quickly identify fly line
  • Made in USA


  • Manufacturer: Rio Products
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