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This line sinks about 7-8 inches per second, which is ideal for fishing between 15ft and 30ft in stillwaters, and has a blue hang marker.

RIO's Deep 7 sinking line is one of our most popular super fast sink lines ever. In our region we have many lakes that can warm up quickly driving fish down to deeper depths. This ultra-low stretch ConnectCore line from RIO is the top choice for anglers that want their fly down in the zone in a hurry. When fishing depths like 15-30' the low-stretch core makes a big difference in sensitivity and solid hook sets. A cool feature RIO has added to their InTouch Deep sink lines is a "hang marker" 13ft from the end to help anglers no when to recast or determine when to fish the "hang".

The InTouch Deep 7 has a short head for easy casting at short range or minimal false cast to punch out more distance. A looped front end and density compensated weight for reduced bellying and a more direct line to your fly. RIO's Deep 7 is truly one of the ultimate lines for those that need to fish deep!

Deep 7 Profile
Example: WF7S7 / Overall Length: 100'


  • 15ft - 30ft Effective Fishing Depth Range
  • Ultra-low stretch core for the ultimate in sensitivity and hook setting capability
  • Powerful, front loaded head for wasy casting and maximum distance
  • Density compensated for perfect fly control
  • Made in USA


  • Manufacturer: Rio Products
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