Medallion Vise - Bronze Traditional Base

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Regal goes down in history with their iconic Medallion Bronze Traditional Base Vise. This legendary vise holds a variety of hook sizes and styles with it's ultra fast spring load jaws. Simply squeeze the lever back drop your hook in and release. Just like that. Go from a midge hook to a saltwater hook with zero adjustments. The Regal Vise is one of the most widely copied vise for good reason, it just flat out works all the time. The Medallion Bronze Traditional Base model goes anywhere, anytime with the sturdy pedestal base. All Medallion Vises revolve around a 360° axis and articulate 220° up and down. Most of the professional tiers we have known tie on the Regal Medallion Series.

The Traditional head has been the standard jaw and the workhorse for Regal fly tying equipment for decades.

Bronze Traditional Base


  • Head: Regular Head
  • Base: Bronze Traditional Base
  • Hook Size: 22 to 1/0
  • Made in USA


  • Manufacturer: Regal
  • Manufacturer Part Number: RPBR-10T
  • UPC: 0897818001066