Inex Vise

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The REGAL INEX VISE is an incredible value to new tiers and experienced alike. Featuring the top quality Medallion series head for 360 degree rotation to inspect the opposite side of the fly. The simple design of the standard Medallion Head provides easy to use spring loaded jaws for one handed operation and simplicity. Go from a size 22 to 1/0 without any adjustments! Regal Vises is known for the hook holding power and are used by many professional fly tiers for their quick and functional design. The Regal INEX Vise comes standard with a C-Clamp and a fixed angled head position suitable for standard fly tying uses. Looking for a high quality fly tying vise without the top dollar price tag? The Regal INEX Vise is the ticket!


  • Head: Regular Medallion Head
  • Base: C-Clamp
  • Hook Size: 22 to 1/0
  • Made in USA


  • Manufacturer: Regal
  • Manufacturer Part Number: FHC-0
  • UPC: