Hydrogen Trout Spey

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Just as the name implies, the Redington Hydrogen is exceptionally light in the hand. Not only is this rod light, it packs a ton of performance into one sleek package. The Hydrogen Trout Spey has easily become one of our most popular trout spey rods with it's medium-fast action and smooth, crisp recovery rate. Performing similar to rods costing 2-3 times as much, the Redington Hyrdrogen Trout Spey will chuck streamers with ease and yet has the finesse for lighter soft hackle presentations. Offered in three sizes to match any trout spey situation.

  • 2110-4 - The perfect soft hackle rod. Don't let it's size fool you this little fella can still huck small sculpzillas but it truly shines in the soft hackle arena.
  • 3113-4 - A highly versatile 3wt. Chucking small - mid sized streamers and tips or playing the soft hackle game. A great multi-purpose lighweight trout spey.
  • 4116-4 - The workhorse of the Redington Hydrogen Trout Spey line-up. The 4wt can chuck streamers with the best of them and still have a little finesse when need be.


  • Action: Medium-Fast
  • Sections: 4
  • Color: Matte Grey finish blank for flash reduction
  • Guides: Zirconia stripping guide inserts to reduce guide/line freeze
  • Real Seat: Skeletonized, CNC machined, downlocking skeletonized reel seats for superior in-hand balance
  • Grip: Half-wells, premium gradecork handles
  • Rod Tube: Fully Protective Cordura Rod Tube with Dividers

Model Length Line Weight Weight Skagit Grain Wt
2110-4 11' 0" 2 3.6 oz 200-225
3110-4 11' 3" 3 4.0 oz 250-275
4110-4 11' 6" 4 4.4 oz 300-325


  • Manufacturer: Redington
  • Manufacturer Part Number: HYDROGEN
  • UPC: