Pure Skagit Lazar Line

Item # lazar-line




OPST Lazar Line is definitely one of the premier mono shooting lines on the market today. This hydrophobic mono shooting line performs well in hot and cold environments with no permanent memory at any temperature. OPST Lazar knots easily making slim and strong connections to shooting heads reducing snags and banging through the guides. With just the right amount of stretch and high visibility, the OPST Lazar Line is a great choice for casters looking for that extra distance.

Length: 164 ft (50 m)

Size Description
35 lb Trout spey and light single hand rods
Diameter - 0.470 mm
40 lb All around steelhead spey rod and larger single hand rods
Diameter - 0.520 mm
50 lb Winter steelhead spey set-up or large 10wt size shooting heads
Diameter - 0.570 mm


  • Hydrophobic
  • Exceptional durability
  • Consistent performance in hot and cold conditions
  • No permanent memory at any temperature
  • High visibility
  • Ties beautiful knots
  • Calculated stretch- high knot strength
  • Imported


  • Manufacturer: OPST
  • Manufacturer Part Number: LL
  • UPC: