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One of the hottest fly reels to hit the market in years, the Nautilus X Series delivers striking looks and performance at a price that can't be beat. This US made fly reel from Nautilus features a totally new SCF-X drag that is a sealed Teflon and carbon fiber disc drag. Fast line pick-up with an ultra large arbor and strong, wide X beams protect the reel when leaning up agains the wall or car. Dual exposed spool sides offer plenty of surface for palming... however, we doubt you will need to with a drag like the Nautilus X has!


  • Format: Giga Arbor for fast line pick up and fast backing drying
  • Drag: XCT Drag - Sealed Teflon® and Carbon Fiber Disc Drag
  • Over-size drag knob for easy adjustment and textured for all slimy wet and cold conditions
  • Open frame reel designed for lightness, strength and spool protections
  • Dual palming rim offers better hand control and rear palming rim also protects spool from bending under impact
  • Made in USA

Model Diameter Weight Line Weight Capacity
XM 3.50 in 4.1 oz 4, 5 WF5+ (105 yd 20#)
XL 4.00 in 4.7 oz 6, 7 WF7+ (150 yd 20#)
XL MAX 4.00 in 4.7 oz 8, 9 WF9+ (150 yd 20#)


  • Manufacturer: Nautilus
  • Manufacturer Part Number: X
  • UPC: