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Legendary fly reels are hard to improve upon with their time tested design. Lamson's Litespeed has been one of those reels that was so ahead of the times that other than a few small tweaks it was hard to improve upon such a top notch fly reel. Since 1998, the Litespeed has taken what was first applied to the Force Series and implemented them into a bit more traditional frame design to make it one of the most successful and advance fly reels ever in the last two decades. In order to improve upon such an innovative reel, the designers at Lamson went back to the drawing board. They discovered by narrowing the spool it reduced weight, saved on costs, and those cost / weight savings could then be applied to increasing the arbor size for faster retrieving. In addition those savings allowed for 3D milling to better distribute materials and the new Micralox finish is an exclusive Waterworks-Lamson which is highly corrosion resistant. Want two decades of design and innovation? The Litespeed Micra 5 is the answer.

  1. By integrating the drag housing into the frame, the housing itself becomes a structural member, increasing stiffness and strength.
  2. Eliminating the cassette and the threaded overlaps reduces material and thus weight.
  3. The integrated housing is much narrower and the frame /drag unit much lighter.
  4. A narrower drag can support a narrower spool, which results in additional weight reduction.

But what if the reel we’re talking about is already the lightest full drag reel in the world? Perhaps then, as a designer, you think about weight savings as money in the bank, and maybe you decide to spend it elsewhere – by increasing the overall diameter of the reel and trading weight savings into improved retrieve rate.

Hence the new Litespeed: Higher retrieve rate, narrower spool for improved line handling, stiffer frame. Specific to Litespeed you’ll find enhanced 3D milling for better material distribution and an improved ergonomic drag knob for better grip.

Lastly, the Gen 5 Litespeed comes clad in a revolutionary new coating called Micralox. New to fly fishing and only available on Waterworks-Lamson fly reels, Micralox is the ultimate in corrosion resistance.


  • Format: Large Arbor
  • Materials: Machined 6061 Aluminum, stainless steel
  • Finish: Micralox
  • Drag: Sealed Conical Drag System
  • US Made, Idaho Built

Model Diameter Weight Line Weight Capacity
Litespeed 4 4.63 in 8.06 oz 9, 10, 11 WF10+ (250 yd 30#)
Litespeed 3.5 4.13 in 5.72 oz 7, 8, 9 WF9+ (250 yd 20#)
Litespeed 3 3.88 in 5.08 oz 6, 7 WF7+ (225 yd 20#)
Litespeed 2 3.63 in 4.19 oz 4, 5, 6 WF6+ (100 yd 20#)
Litespeed 1.5 3.38 in 3.72 oz 3, 4, 5 WF4+ (100 yd 20#)


  • Manufacturer: Waterworks-Lamson
  • Manufacturer Part Number: LS REEL MIRCA 5
  • UPC:

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