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Designed for Fast-Action fly rods, with ultra-low stretch performance.

The InTouch Rio Grand is a ConnectCore version of the popular Rio Grand floating fly line. What is ConnectCore? Connect Core means low stretch which translates to better sensitivity, hooks sets, mending, lift off the water, and control of fish. In a nutshell, higher performance. Couple this with the fact that the Rio Grand is a great performer when throwing big dries, nymphing, or streamers and you got a powerhouse fly line.

Like the standard Rio Grand fly line, the InTouch Rio Grand is a full line size heavier that the industry standard making it ideal for fast action rods or when throwing meatier flies and weight. The triple color coating called "SureFire" makes gauging distance and accuracy easier at a glance when re-casting. MaxCast and MaxFloat make for extra floatation, durability and less tip sinking which is so common in standard floating fly lines. A lot of technology to help improve your experience on the water!

InTouch Rio Grande Profile
Example: WF5F / Overall Length: 90'


  • One full line size heavier than industry standard
  • Easily loads fast action rods
  • ConnectCore improves cast timing, hookset and mending
  • Easy ID to quickly identify fly line
  • Made in USA


  • Manufacturer: Rio Products
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