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The Ultimate All-Around fly line, with ultra-low stretch performance

Take the already incredible Rio Gold fly line and at ConnectCore technology to make it one of the best fly lines on the planet. The InTouch Rio Gold floating fly line features reduced stretch which improves sensitivity, hook sets, fish fighting control, and easier lift off the water. InTouch Rio Gold has the same taper design as the standard Rio Gold for super smooth loop stability and cast well at short ranges as well as long. A longer head length and low stretch improves line control and mending at distance as well. If you are looking for a high performance floating fly line to go with your high performance fly rod look no further. While this is an exceptional dry fly line, the InTouch Rio Gold also serves well as a nymph and streamer line too. Tough to beat!

InTouch Rio Gold Profile
Example: WF5F / Overall Length: 90'


  • Perfect presentation of flies between #2 and #22
  • ConnectCore improves casting timing, hook set and mending
  • Unique surefure color system for improving accuracy and distance control
  • Made in USA


  • Manufacturer: Rio Products
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