Iconic Jokester - Large Arbor

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Size Reel

This is a small batch run from Hatch, so these will be first come first served.
5+ and 9+ Sold Out

The Jokester Iconics Reels have been specially anodized in a striking purple and green combo and hand-painted with a complimentary white paint. This run is available in sizes 3+, 4+. 5+, 7+, and 9+ in large arbor only.

Made in USA

Improved Sealing - Through better design and concentricity, we have increased sealing by eliminating water entry points through subtracting superfluous components from past models.

Improved Stability - The Iconic reel does not utilize a cassette to house the drag system as in past models - in­stead, it is now built into the body. This has decreased axial runout which creates a more stable and solid design.

New Drag Material - Our new carbon-filled drag material not only dissipates heat faster but also creates a smooth­er feel. This is our smoothest drag system to date.

New Spool Design - In many ways, the Iconic spool is similar to previ­ous models, but with a few key differences. We have ported the spool arbor which will allow lines to dry better on the reel after use - think of it as ventilation. We have also cut aesthetic holes into the Mid Arbor spools, making it much simpler than before to distinguish between a large and mid arbor.

New Spool Nut - New look, similar function, but with a big improve­ment. On the Iconic we have implemented a one piece design in order to prevent pieces from coming apart.

New Handle / Counterweight - Our new handle design significantly reduces the risk of galvanic corrosion. While we have retained the aluminum handle, it now has a softer look and feel.




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