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G.Loomis recognized the evolution of the spey world and designed the all new IMX-Pro Shortspey with the modern spey caster in mind. Purpose driven design has lead Tom Larimer and Steve Rajeff to create a series of spey rods around today's short head line systems. Every rod in the IMX-Pro spey series are designed to enhance the efficiency and versatility of short skagit and scandi heads with medium-fast actions capable of casting in tight, brushy areas but still reserve power deep in the rod for hucking mega cast on wide open runs.

ConduitCore Technology and Multi-Taper design create a rod that is light in the hand yet is highly durable for serious anglers who demand high performance. Whether looking for a new trout spey or a steelhead stick the G.Loomis IMX-Pro Shortspey rods will jack casts like your favorite long rods but with a whole new fun factor.


Model Length Line Weight Grip Item #
31111-4 11' 11" 3 10" Fore Grip / 4" Rear Grip 12604-01
41111-4 11' 11" 4 10" Fore Grip / 4" Rear Grip 12605-01
51111-4 11' 11" 5 10" Fore Grip / 4" Rear Grip 12606-01
61111-4 11' 11" 6 11-1/4" Fore Grip / 4" Rear Grip 12607-01
71111-4 11' 11" 7 11-1/4" Fore Grip / 4" Rear Grip 12608-01


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